Tuesday, June 24, 2014

12 months

You are 1!!!! How has this happened? J It seems as though you just came in to our lives, but at the same time we’ve had you forever, right? We really don’t remember much of what life was like before you came. What a joy!

On the days leading up to your birthday, mom and dad discussed your first year. We especially went through all the details of your birth week: the days leading up to, the day of, and a few days after. The reminiscing was full of emotions. We LOVE our little girl!
At twelve months you:
-are VERY much a momma’s girl.
-celebrated your 1st birthday with a pretty bad cold. Runny nose and eyes, with a rough cough.
-have a celebrity wave.
-without using words you sure know how to get what you want! You do a little “grab-wave” towards any item you want. If we pick up the wrong one, you either shake your head now or push it away.
-found out you have a sweet tooth like your daddy. You also really love bread. You know exactly when dessert comes out…. How??
-have stood by yourself a few times, but are still extremely cautious. You can stand, but as soon as you realize you’re not holding on to anything then you sit down.
-mastered climbing (going up) stairs. Your process of going down still needs some work. You make mom and dad nervous!
-got two black kittens.
-you mimic lots of sounds, especially cows and kittens. You and dad have many conversations that consist of “uhhhhs.” You really think you’re talking.
-have curly hair? You have a definitely curl on the back of your head. We're excited to see what it turns in to!
-still have only two teeth, but we can see all of your top two front teeth through your gums. They will be here any time!
-enjoy sitting in a little baby pool in the backyard. We’re trying to work up to the cold city pool.
-like going on runs in the stroller. You don’t enjoy it so much when we walk….do you like the bouncing on the gravel roads?
-switched to size 3 diapers at night because size 2 wasn’t doing its job. Size 3 seems awfully big, but now we’re not having to change your sheets every morning. J
-attended Meade and Ashland graduation ceremonies.
-watched a decent amount of state track with mom and dad on the computer at home. You aren’t really interested in TV, but do watch sporting events….daddy’s girl?
-started "cheesin'" for the camera:

 Our attempt at getting a mother's day picture: total failure.

 You tried on some swimsuits....
 ....and then bundled up for the next week or so.

 On this particular morning, you wouldn't take your hat off.

 You think you're ready for a forward facing car seat...we shall see! You try to turn around and see mom and dad every chance you get.

We found out that you like to eat the tips of asparagus.

 Baby Blue Eyes - Beautiful!
 You found dad's sweat band and wanted it as your own.

 Birthday Day!!

 1 year old - to the minute.



Tuesday, May 13, 2014

11 Months



-Are still wearing a 0-3 size onesie in the above picture....same as month 1!!
-Pull up on everything.
-Crawl really fast....and usually giggle while you're at it.
-Walk around furniture really well.
-Greeted us in the morning, on April 7th, by standing in your crib. We lowered it that night!
-You don't have a huge interest in walking by yourself. You love to walk while holding on to someone's hands, but the second we try to let go of you, you immediately sit down. You're very safe! If you ever feel unsure about your footing, you just sit. We think you can stand by yourself if you'd just try!!
-Dad's worried about your crooked left foot when you walk. :)
-Love to pull all of your toys out of the toy box.
-Like to mimic sounds and actions.
-Started to clap along when you realize others are doing it. You even clap when you hear it being done on TV.
-LOVE, love, love books.
-Sat through Hope & Holly's last music concert. You sat the entire time (granted we had some toys and snacks), but mom and dad enjoyed the whole thing!
-Will stand at the front door and look outside for 10-15 minutes watching the blowing trees and our new dog Lola.
-Love Lola. Anytime her name is mentioned, you instantly start looking out the windows trying to find her.
-Went to the park for the first time over Easter weekend. You liked the swing, but weren't so sure about the slide.
-Light up when you get up on Daddy's shoulders. It's one of your favorite places to be!
-Just within the last week or so of this month, you became quite the explorer.
-Are now content to crawl around and play by yourself for decent stretches of time.
-Are a pretty good eater! You love to eat (or at least try) whatever mom and dad are eating. It doesn't suffice to just put pieces on your tray. You want it straight from our plates. You especially love bread. You downed almost half of a hamburger, and several days later almost 3/4 of a bratwurst. Crazy.
-Also started drinking some whole milk. We're mixing it with breastmilk for the time being. You decided you were done nursing and wouldn't consider any formula. The whole milk has revolutionized bottle feedings!! You actually want to drink it, and sometimes want more. Thank you!
-Visited Sidney!! Mom was very excited about this trip. You and Sidney played well together. We know you're going to be best of friends! Ha. At least the moms are pushing for this. :)
-You're our little observer! Grandpa KH calls you "radar."

We were trying to get a candid shot of you reading the CMS program to publish in their next bulletin, but all we really did was catch Grandma yawning. :)

 Getting ready for your very first track meet.
 Singing in church with Dad.
 Morning routine, staring out the window.
 Are these positions really comfortable baby girl??

 1st Easter Pics



 Visiting Sidney!

 Next time we will try to get better pictures of these two. lol.


We love this stage, baby Andelyn. You are SO MUCH FUN!