Wednesday, March 12, 2014

9 Months

At 9 Months:
-You have an infectious giggle!
-Towards the end of this month you started a "wrinkly nose" smile. It's pretty funny. You do it for multiple reasons. To show us that you're happy/laughing, to get the attention of people in a room, and to get an item that you want (especially food that mom and dad are eating).
-You want to stand literally ALL the time.
-You also want to be in mom's arms/lap if you know she's around.
-You are a great sleeper! You sleep between 11-12 hours a night and mom usually has to wake you in the morning. And you also take two 2-2.5 hour naps during the day. THANK YOU!
-Everyone...yes everyone...stops to exclaim how cute you are! We had one lady tell us that we needed to breed more. What?! Do people say that about humans? Ha.
-You've started scooting around the floor pretty well. You can roll, turn around, and scoot backwards. You want to go forward so badly. You get terribly frustrated when you're up on your knees and can't go forward. We think you're super close!
-You weigh 17 lbs 11 oz and are 26 inches long (March 11th). You're perfectly proportionate, just petite. :)
-You have started to lift your arms up when we are about to pick you up.
-You have started reaching towards people/things that you want (especially mom).
-You started waving goodbye on an inconsistent basis. You basically just flail your arms.
-You LOVE playing peek-a-boo. It will get a laugh out of you any time.
-You get excited/light up when dad gets home from work. We're looking forward to how this changes as you get even older.
-We found out that you are a really good traveler. You were in the car multiple times on long road trips this month and you did great!! We were specifically impressed on our drive home from Dallas. In 7.5 hours we only had to stop once! You fussed for only the last couple miles.
-You love to check the cows with dad. You are interested in all the details: the bale being put on the pickup, dad opening the gate, and the cows running up to the pickup. You watch dad like a hawk....wanting to know exactly where is he and what he's doing. When our llama comes around, you always reach out to touch it. No fear! If the cows were as friendly as the llama, we're sure you'd be doing the same with them too.
-You still really only stick to sweet potatoes and carrots....with the addition of puffs and mum-mums and oatmeal cereal.
-Wearing size 2 diapers.
-You still wear 3-6 month clothing. The 9 month clothing that we have looks like it would swallow you up!
- For Valentine's day mom and dad got you a light-up bath toy. You love it! In fact, so much so, that you wouldn't share it when we first got it out. That was the first time we'd seen a "selfish" trait come out in you. G&G Harshberger gave you a heart shaped book. You like the shiny cover! G&G Reimer gave you a stuffed valentine bear and two cards. One of the cards sings the snoopy can't get enough!
-You've really started to take an interest in other little kids.
-You've progressed and digressed with nursing this month. You've become quicker. It usually takes you anywhere between 15-30 minutes now instead of a full hour. However, you hate it. Mom fights you and fights you to get you to drink. Maybe that's why you're quicker? Whenever we are out of the house, you get a bottle. You've only had breastmilk up to this point and we still have a decent amount in the freezer, but with the way nursing is going... we're considering starting to give you some formula. We'll see what next month brings!
-You babble and babble these days! Most of the time you say "da-da-da-da." We don't think you realize what you're actually saying. That and you like to make little bubbles (spit) come out.
-You really enjoying drinking out of mom and dad's cups. You always know when one is around and strain your whole body towards it. It usually ends with a big wet spot on someone's clothes.
-You have become very attached to your pacifier. You favor one over the rest. When we put you to bed, you have one in your mouth and one in your hand to play with. You bang them against the side of your crib and you dangle your favorite one outside because it has a strap attached to it. You can play for quite some time, if you don't lose them.
-This month was by far the hardest month to get a good "monthly" picture of you. You are so wiggly!!

 Happy Valentine's Day!

 Getting excited about the nicer weather! We go on as many walks as we can.

 You're mama's little helper. You're good at folding/sorting (throwing) socks! :)

 This video is a little old, but oh so cute!

We love you baby girl!