Monday, April 14, 2014

10 months

Andelyn is 10 Months Old!

This was a big month!!

-Started moving around. Dad gave you a deadline of the end of spring break, March 21st, in order to be crawling. :) You ended up getting the army crawl figured out. One week later, March 27th, you were crawling at times on your hand and knees.
-Started opening cabinet doors. We allowed this because it motivated you to move around. Sorry sweetie, no more of that!!
-Figured out how to wave goodbye. You started by just moving your right arm up and down, but you mastered the pageant wave. You wiggle your fingers as you moved your wrist up and down. You did that great for a week and then you weren't interested any longer.
-Try to imitate our words. Definitely a lot of babbling.
-Love to dance. When you hear any notes of music you will start wiggling your head side to side like a bobble head. Your body moves in rhythm as well.
-Starting to clap. Basically, this consists of bringing your hands together and then rolling/wiggling them around together. It's cute!
-Your catch phrase is, wiggle wiggle wiggle, and you start shaking your head.
-Felt a first tooth March 22nd. (The bottom middle right) Felt a second a week later on March 29th (Bottom middle left). We can see them easily now. We hope they are straight. :) Don't worry, braces are only $5,000 right now. . .
-You didn't mean to hurt mom, but your new little teeth are like razor blades. Makes nursing a painful experience, for mommy that is.
-Celebrated your 10 month birthday by traveling to Broken Bow, NE to visit great grandma Dorothy. She loved the visit and meeting you for the first time. You weren't quite sure about her, because you stared her down for a good 15 minutes.
-In NE you also saw James, your second cousin. You played very well together even though he is 2 years older than you. Bath time was especially fun. You guys splashed and splashed and laughed non-stop.
-Dad enjoyed having someone to watch March Madness with. You were intrigued by it, or just the TV in general.
-You weigh 18 lbs.
-Still wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothing. You did wear some 9 month pajamas but we think they might be either on the small side or labeled wrong, because when we got a couple more pairs out, they engulfed you. You couldn't even crawl because they were so baggy.
-April 4th you started pulling yourself up on things. You crashed and burned after pulling up on the tub a couple of times. The bumps on the head will get more and more.
-Even though you can crawl you still prefer to be standing. You will crawl to mom, just so you can pull yourself up and stand.
-You love to stand, but you're not close to walking yet. There have been a couple of times that we've let go of you and you try to balance, but it doesn't last but a second. We think you'll have to work on focusing on the task at hand before you will be ready. You're looking around at too many things.
-You're becoming more acquainted with the word NO with your new mobilization. You're learning your boundaries and doing a really good job.
-We think you will have a very tender heart. Your feelings get hurt really quick when you're told no.
-You're a lot of fun to have around. You do very well when we're out and about. You entertain all the people around us. Right now you don't know a stranger because you're always looking around and making faces at them.


You love, love, love books!
 ....and baths!
 Playing, while waiting for the doctor at your 9 month appointment.
 You're pretty good at rolling the ball back and forth with mom or dad.
 Dressed up for the state games....the pictures didn't turn out so well though. :)

 Haha. Grandma Lisa sent home a box of Golden Grahams. Mom was putting dishes away and you found them....and dumped out the entire bag! This was a first, but we're sure it won't be a last!

 You love drinking out of mom's water bottle!
 This little bus was your favorite toy this month.
 Getting ready for summer days!

Cousin James

Last month you were a wiggle worm, this month you basically sat like a stone for your pictures. Haha. We got a few decent ones.