Friday, December 20, 2013

6 Months

At six months:

- You have a fake laugh, sounds more like a cough.
- Flat smile (particularly your bottom lip is straight and you can see your bottom gums)
- Started eating rice cereal
- Had your first bite of carrots (December 3rd). It was a necessity because your started rejecting the rice cereal.
- Celebrated your six month birthday by going to the doctor and confirming that you were sick, red ears and "the bug." Mom thought your throat was hurting you as well. One rough week, no smiles, no sleep, didn't eat.
- They gave you an antibiotic, Amoxicillin. You took it great for the first two days and then you figured out how to spit it out after that. We had to pull out the "blow in your face" trick. Thanks Debby for the tip.
- December 5th was quite the night. You were definitely sick and not feeling well. You would not eat, but your parents that are new to everything kept trying to give you milk. You finally took some from a bottle while mom was holding you. You eventually threw it all up and got all over yourself and mom. After we got everything cleaned up and while mom was changing I was holding you and trying to give you some more. You finally started drinking again, but it had the same result, this time all over yourself and dad. We wised up and called the smart ones, grandparents. They recommended pedialyte. Since it was too late to go to town and buy some, we made some at home. You were able to drink it and keep it down.
- Made a trip to Colorado to visit cousins. Traveled well during the six hour trip.
- Met more family over Thanksgiving.
- Weighs 14lbs 7oz.
- 24.5 inches long
- 17 inch head circumference
- Got your first candy sack from Santa at the Meade Park.
- Have totally mastered rolling over and will not stay on your stomach. Makes it hard to do tummy time. (You favor rolling to your right)
- You love standing. We have to forcefully bend your legs to make you sit.
- Figuring out how to sit. You could control movement to the front, but very wobbly to the sides and back.
- Got a new toy, exersaucer. You love it and light up when you see it. We think it has really helped your balance.
- You started chomping on your fingers. Anything and everything goes straight to your mouth.
- You found your feet.
- You're still in size 1 diapers. We're finishing up the last pack.
- Still wearing mostly 3 month clothes.
- Your hair is starting to grow back in. It's light in color so it's hard to see, but it's there. :) It has some red, blond, and brown.

How you were really feeling that day....

 Trying out the rice cereal!

 Playing peek-a-boo with cousin Gage. How do I not have more pictures of this weekend???

 Aunt Hope's play.
 Visit from a great friend.
 The discovery of bubble wrap. You loved it!
 Cousin Jude
 Cousin Owen

 Helping mom and dad set up the Christmas tree.

 Poppity popper at the park.