Monday, October 14, 2013

4 Months

-Found your voice. You really enjoy talking to your playmat and in the middle of nursing. You also really like talking when we change your diaper.
-Have started rubbing your eyes and nose when you get tired.
-Grabs toys on playmat and always brings them as close to your mouth as you can.
-Enjoys chewing on fingers. Mainly thumb and forefinger on right hand.
-Finally put you in some 0-3 month clothes because you grew out of the newborn in length.
-Still the most smiley baby we know. You smile at almost anyone any time. (Daddy might be the best at getting you to smile).
-You've attended your first football, volleyball, and tennis matches. You enjoyed all of them, mostly because they are outstide. (Except volleyball of course)
-Dad took you and mom to a car show at the lake.
-We went to our church retreat. You were the center of attention. Everybody wanted to hold you.
-You are 12 lbs 8 oz and 23 inches long. Growing!!
-You have very little hair on your head, but you have some long stringy hairs on the crown of your head. We call them your "Alfalfa" hairs.
-In the last couple of weeks you've really needed to be burped when nursing. You have some really BIG burps.
-You're our "little puppy dog." You continuously have your tongue sticking out. It's pretty funny.
-You have developed a TV obsession. We try to keep you from watching it, but you will wrench your neck in odd ways just to catch a glimpse.
-Just in the last few days, you have started to "scoot." You actually turned your entire body a full 90 degrees on your play mat. (Mom and dad aren't sure if they're ready for this!?!?)

 You try to chew on everything (especially your bumbo!).

 Daddy's little Husker.
 Red hair? Many times it looks red....but we think it will be brown.

 We're trying to take advantage of the nice weather and go outside as much as possible. You are fascinated with the trees.

 Sticking that fist in your mouth....I don't know how many times you've gagged yourself!
 Break time during the church retreat.... of course we take a nap!
Oh Andelyn. You still wake up almost every morning with terribly gunky eyes. We're hoping your body will start correcting this soon.

So bright eyed.

 Looking so big! Your uncle Vance wasn't even sure who you were when he saw this picture. :)
 Mommy's little helper in the kitchen, already!
 Good morning.

 Hanging out at a tennis meet.

 Aunt Holly won homecoming queen! She let you borrow her crown because she says you're her "queen." So sweet!

Andelyn, baby girl, we love you so much! You are incredibly fun to be around. Your smiles are contagious. Thank you for being just who you are, a perfect you! You've brought an immeasurable amount of joy in to our lives. We're so glad you're here! What an awesome 4 months.

Monday, October 7, 2013

3 months

At three months you:
- Are still really interested in fans.
- Starting to really smile and squeal on occasion
- Had a really big growth spurt. (Grandma Kay went 2 weeks without seeing you and couldn't believe how big you had gotten.)
- At the end of August you weighed 10lbs 5oz
-You had a couple days where you were really fussy and refused to eat much. We took you to the clinic to see if your ears hurt. Everything looks good, but she might be teething.
- You're beginning to drool like crazy. (Drool bucket)
- If you can get your fist to your mouth you'll chew on it. Even though it seems you have a small mouth, we're pretty sure you could fit your whole fist in it.
- You had your first big Reimer gathering. Even though you were 2.5 months old, everybody couldn't get over how small you were.
- You rubbed off all of your hair because you're more active. You're sporting an old man hair ring around the back of your head.
 - We had to adjust your car seat straps up a notch because you are so tall.
- Still wearing newborn clothes. The clothes you have grown out of are because you have gotten too long.
- Helped daddy usher at church. Good thing you didn't start crying. Everybody thought that was pretty neat.
- Celebrated dad's 30th birthday.
- Went to Grand Lake, OK. Longest trip yet. You did great. However, mom and dad didn't think it would be smart for you to get near the water. (Your life jacket that might have worked got stolen from the dock.)
-You're becoming more independent.
- Taking better naps by yourself. (Yay for your swing.)
- You will lay under your playmat for a good chunk of time.
- You're on a four hour feeding schedule. Still sleeping from about 11:30 to 6:30.
- Had blowouts three days in a row. Straight up your back. Grandpa Kenneth, Great Grandma Barbara and mom were on the receiving end of them.
- If we wrap you up and give you your pacifier you know it's time to go to sleep. (Thank you for being a relatively easy baby!)
- Got your first set of shots. (Showed an allergic reaction to the Band-Aid) Screamed for a minute of so and then you were fine.
- Finally filling out your skin. No more bird legs.

 No hands!

 Cousin nap time. :)

 Poor baby got her first round of shots. 3 bandaids. Good thing aunt Allissa was there to cheer her up!
 The shots made her pretty sleepy for a couple days.

 Sometimes you're so tired that you'll fall asleep on the floor before we get you in to your swing or crib. On this particular day, mom took a nap beside you.

 Still so tiny!

P.S.- This is being posted 2 days after you turned 4 months. Sorry baby girl! We will try to be more prompt from here on out. We don't want to miss anything!!