Sunday, February 9, 2014

8 Months


-You have mastered the roll.
-You started a growling sound. It's really funny! You do it when you are both happy and mad.
-You started sleeping 11-12 hours a night around Jan 20th! Mom was worried the first morning that it happened. You are her alarm clock. :) When she woke up and saw that it was 10 a.m. she rushed in to your room, needing to make sure you were okay. You had been sleeping 9 hours a night before this.
-Along with the longer sleeping schedule, you dropped another feeding. You nurse 4 times a day, and have two meals of solids (lunch and supper).
-We haven't really fed you solids for breakfast yet because you don't like fruit....and it's weird to feed you sweet potatoes or carrots for breakfast!
-You love Mum-Mums! You will chew and chew on those.
-You love mom's water bottle, so we got you a few sippy cups of your own. So far, you haven't quite figured out how to get the liquid out, but we'll keep trying.
-Still no teeth. Maybe soon?!?!
-You started scooting around the ground, but only backwards. We think you're close to going forward!
-You have recently become a momma's girl. You cry when you see her and aren't in her lap. You also cry when she leaves you with someone else. You will warm up to dad after several minutes.
-You have really started saying "B" sounds. When you hear someone else say some B word, you will try to mimic it. So cute!
-You started spitting. You spit out all your drool....which makes your shirts really wet! When you're done eating your solids, you start spitting and so we quit. A few times you have even tried this out in the middle of a meal. It's hard to feed you when that happens! And for the record, sweet potatoes and carrots aren't the easiest of things to get out of your clothes.
-We give you several bottles weekly because you don't nurse well, or we're out and about. It's much easier for mom to pump for 10-15 minutes than struggle with you for an hour trying to nurse.
-You've started trying to hold your own bottle. It's pretty cute. You grab it with both hands and twist twist twist, like you're trying to control a tiny steering wheel. Haha.
-We've started working to teach you to wave goodbye. You've done it a few times.
-You will sit up and play with toys for a long time!
-You still don't enjoy laying on the floor that much. You get frustrated easily. . . but as soon as we sit you up you're fine.
-You try to sing along when mom and dad practice music for church. You are especially excited when we're playing the piano.
-You are a splasher!! After your bath, the entire bathroom is wet. Mom hopes this will transition in to loving the pool this summer.
-You are still struggling with dry skin on your back and arms. You also still have some cradle cap that we are desperately trying to get rid of.
-Sleep training has gone better than we expected!! You only had one rough night (mom too). We finally transitioned you out of your swaddle in to a sleep sack. For a few days we safety pinned the arm holes shut to allow you to get used to some movement. After that, we let you have one arm out. When that didn't go so well, we decided to let both arms out. You did much better than we ever imagined. You must have just been ready! We left socks on your hands for about a week so that you wouldn't scratch your face off. Your sharp fingernails grow crazy fast.
-Now when we lay you down for naps and bedtime, you coo and play around for about 15 minutes and then fall asleep. You roll all around the crib. You are great!
-Now that you can choose how to sleep, you usually choose your stomach. Sometimes you're on your side.
-We call you "sweetie sweetie" most of the time. Hopefully you'll eventually learn your real name.

 The curtains were really interesting. . . .
 How you were sitting for most of the shoot. Always bent over, trying to grab the sign.
 Senior Picture

 Started on the playmat, ended up way over there!
 You really like your highchair, but even more, you like chewing on its straps.
 Getting ready for the Olympics! (yes, our Christmas tree is still up in January)

 Sleeping through a loud and rowdy basketball game.
 Nako baby!!  :)  She becomes a totally different baby without her clothes on - super excited.
Had a playdate with little miss Sydney. They were the same size, even though there is a 4.5 month age difference. Ha.

 Before dropping the phone on her forehead....
 And after
 We could stare forever.

 Thanks for the stocking cap Grandma Barbara!

Happy 8 months baby girl!!