Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 months

- You love our DishNetwork control. You like the feel of the soft buttons.
- You can now sit up on your own. Your balance to the back is good when you focus. You will fall backwards first before any other direction.
- You are really giggly.
- We've noticed big strides in your development. Wheels are starting to turn and you're putting logical things together.
- You cry when mom leaves the room.
- You've had carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, and apples. Your favorite is sweet potatoes. You won't eat more than one bite of bananas or apples. Once you get the taste in your mouth, you clamp your lips shut and will not allow any more food in to your mouth. You won't be fooled! (we will keep trying...)
-With all the new introductions of food, we wondered if your digestive tract even worked. It looked as if what went in was coming straight out, color and all! :)
-It seems as though once 5 pm rolls around, you are eating the rest of the evening. Nurse, nurse, solids, nurse. This takes about 5 hours.
- Went to your first basketball game. Slept through the loudest part.
- Like the Christmas tree.
- Went to Santa's workshop at the high school. Sat on his belly.
- Fighting your evening catnap, even though you are happier when you take it.
- After your sickness you've had a rough time sleeping through the night without help. You wake up around 3 a.m. almost every night. We knew we were spoiled early on. :)
-We thought it was mom's feet, but we realized it was you. . . . Your head sweat puts off the odor of a teenage boy. We originally thought it was correlated to your sickness, but we've smelled it since you've been better. Could it be the food?
- Switched to size two diapers on December 11th.
-You love candle flames. You will stare and stare when we have a candle burning.
-You've rolled from your back to stomach a few times, but are very content laying on your back. When we put you on your stomach, you instantly turn to your back.
-You enjoy chewing on your toes! You will play with your socks if they are on, but once they're off, those toes are in your mouth.
-Sat in your first highchair at Grandma and Grandpa Reimer's.
-Your first Christmas was a success! You were more interested in the wrapping paper than mom and dad thought you would be. It was fun to watch! Some of your favorite gifts include a stuffed giraffe, a colorful soft ball, a remote control, and a pair of Jordan shoes (dad's favorite anyway...). We were worried about your schedule with being at all the different houses, but you did great!! You took naps in multiple beds/playpens/carseat. You had several bottles and ate your solids well. The only thing that got messed up was your sleeping through the night.
-Because of your inconsistent sleeping at night and needing assistance, we decided that after the holidays we would start some serious sleep training.
-Have started trying to blow bubbles and smacking your lips. It's pretty cute!
-Your friend Tucker came and played with you. He almost poked your eye out a few times with his toy airplane, but once he got used to you he was more than helpful....always bringing your pacifier.
-People are still saying how smiley you are and what pretty blue eyes you have. They ask if you ever cry. (yes)
-You never lack for attention.
Loving the Christmas lights 

When we were at Andelyn's 6 month appointment, she didn't appreciate the doctor checking her ears and totally clawed her face up.

Every great once in a while (when she was sick), Andelyn was allowed to take a nap in our bed. Why, oh why, do you sleep so well there?

Working those abs!

Big girl!!

Priscilla and baby Adele. Can't wait to see those two little girls together!

Go Huskers! This picture was taken on the day we had the Reimer Christmas.

- We hope you keep your smiles and giggles. They are so infectious.
- We're falling more and more in love with you everyday. We are so enjoying your little personality.